Galfer Pro Brake Pads for Surron Lightbee and Talaria Sting

Style: Pro 1554
Sale price$34.99



If you are looking for the best brake pads for your stock brakes, look no further!

One of the first upgrades we recommend on the Surron Lightbee X and Talaria Sting are to replace the stock brake pads. These Galfer Pads are the best brake pads you can get to replace your stock brake pads.

Please note that these are for the OEM (stock) Surron or Talaria brake calipers. 


1554 for the OEM Surron/Talaria Caliper:

Suitable for extreme terrain, varying weather conditions, or competition use. Perfect for downhill biking or lengthy periods of steady braking. Maximum stopping power in the dirt. High temperature and fade resistance. Great for wet weather and mud performance.


E-Bike 1652 for the OEM Surron/Talaria Caliper:

The Galfer E-Bike specific compound was formulated to deal with the unique needs of E-Bikes. They're long lasting and designed to manage heat extremely well given the extra weight associated with heavier bikes, often being ridden faster or downhill. We generally recommend the Pro Compound brake pad for race use or for a rider looking for an aggressive brake pad.


Standard 1053 for the OEM Surron/Talaria Caliper:

Suitable for all conditions. Perfectly balanced power and durability. Progressive and consistent braking with better feel. Low noise. Less wear on the brake rotors.

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