Heavy Hitter 520 Sprocket for Surron Ultra Bee

Size: 46
Sale price$74.89


Want to get that grunt out of the corner on your Ultra Bee, then look no further with the Heavy Hitter Ultra Bee sprockets. 

These sprockets are built from one piece 7075 T6 aluminum and machined with precision to fit your bike. This is the perfect upgrade for riders who have heavier off-road tires or are looking at 18/21 inch wheel sets. The bike becomes a bit lazy with the heavier wheels and tires and picking one of our exclusive sprockets will give you that pick up back. 

This will also reduce chances of overheating the stock motor and controller, as we know weight will increase the load required to turn the wheel and re-gearing your bike to handle the weight is important to ensure long-term performance. 

  • Lightweight 7075 T6 design
  • Matched style to Heavy Hitter rotors
  • High quality black anodizing
  • Beveled edges for smooth chain engagement

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