Heavy Hitter 85SX Drop Crown for Surron Ultra Bee

Sale price$189.89


The Ultra bee feels great with aftermarket forks but bottom out a 21" wheel or those running controllers that are upgraded from the OEM. This will solve this issue. You can now drop your forks 20mm and ride safely without the risk of front wheel lock up. 

This same issue can be found on the LBX with a fork conversion kit, on full bottom out it can rub fender or controller causing the wheel to potentially lock up.

GS has designed a full billet 7075 aluminum top triple clamp for the KTM forks that will allow you to adjust the fork in the triple tree to achieve proper clearance and dial in your rake angle to your preference. Suspension is key for going fast and achieving that balance is one of the most important steps. 

  • Drop crown for KTM WP 43mm forks for running 21" tires and rims
  • allows for proper controller clearance on ultra bee swaps
  • Billet 7075 Aluminum to be lightweight yet incredibly strong

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