Heavy Hitter Titanium Direct Mount Riser

Sale price$329.89


Introducing the revolutionary Heavy Hitter Titanium Parts. Prepare to elevate your gear and unleash unparalleled performance. 

Crafted from Titanium Ti-6Al-4V, this direct mount riser is the ultimate choice for avid thrill-seekers seeking unbeatable strength with minimal weight. Designed as an evolution of our renowned OG riser, it seamlessly blends artistry, performance, and unwavering durability.

Each riser boasts a sleek Jet wash Finish, delivering instant satisfaction with the premium titanium aesthetics we all crave.

Beyond its functional appeal, this riser exhibits an attractive design that not only positions your body in a more comfortable riding stance but also provides enhanced front-end control, making the bike remarkably agile, particularly in low-speed situations.

Note: that if you do not intend to trim your steering tube stem, a stem spacer kit will be required for installation. Once you remove your OEM post-mount stem, we recommend cutting down the stem and utilizing the OEM stem spacer to set the headset preload.


  • Make your e-bike feel more comfortable and precise with this stem riser
  • Direct mount stem adds 2” of rise to your handlebars
  • Wide clamping area for increased bar stiffness
  • Built strong to withstand abuse and light enough for racing
  • Made from Titanium Ti-6Al-4V with a jet wash finish
  • Bolts directly to stock and most aftermarket forks
  • Fits 31.8mm handlebars

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