Heavy Hitter Linkage for Surron Ultra Bee

Sale price$94.89


Introducing the Heavy Hitter Ultra Bee Linkage - Elevate Your Sur-Ron Ultra Bee Experience!

Are you ready to take your Sur-Ron Ultra Bee to the next level? Look no further than the Heavy Hitter Ultra Bee Linkage, a high-performance aluminum rear shock absorber mount designed to supercharge your off-road adventures. Crafted with precision engineering and tailored for the Sur-Ron Ultra Bee, this linkage upgrade promises to transform your riding experience like never before.

  • Crafted from robust 7075T6 Aluminum, our linkage ensures exceptional strength and durability, guaranteeing reliable performance on the toughest trails.
  • The surface boasts a sleek anodized finish, not only enhancing its visual appeal but also providing added protection against the elements.
  • This linkage optimizes your bike's suspension system for improved off-road handling.
  • Localized thickening in critical areas maximizes product strength, enhancing its ability to withstand rugged terrain and demanding riding conditions.
  • Not only does this linkage enhance your bike's performance, but it also elevates its appearance, making a statement on the trails with its combination of style and substance.

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