Nuetech Nitro Mousse Standard Progressive Platinum Foam Tube

Location: Front
Size: 80/100x21 [NM-21-235]
Sale price$134.95


Nuetech Nitro Mousse Standard Progressive Platinum Foam Tube

Please see sizing options below for your correct application!

Size NM-18-285 mousse will fit 100/100x18 rear tires.

Size NM-18-305 mousse will fit 110/100x18 rear tires.

Size NM-19-255 mousse will fit 100/90x19 rear tires.

Size NM-21-235 mousse will fit 80x100x21 front tires.


      • 100% Flat-Proof – Nitromousse is a solid foam tire insert that completely eliminates the possibility of getting a flat.
      • Better Feel – Nitromousse’s proprietary nitrogen charged technology provides a more consistent and lively feel that eliminates the "dead" feel of other mousses, which gives Nitromousse a more pneumatic feel.
      • 2X Durability – Nitromousse is more resistant to heat and friction, which gives it a much longer life without compromising performance.
      • Fitment Chart - Nitromousse provides tire-specific fitment so you get the right mousse for your tire the first time and eliminate the guessing game. Find the correct size mousse for your tire above in the Documents tab next to the Questions & Answers tab or by using Neutech's online application guide here.
      • Standard Progressive Platinum Foam tube feels like 10-12 psi.

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