Odi CFT Podium Handlebar

Color: Black
Size: CR High Bend
Sale price$116.95


If you're looking for a replacement Surron Ultra Bee handlebar with a crossbar and better sizing options, the Odi CFT Flight Handlebar is the best fitting handlebar you can get for the Ultra Bee.

The Odi Podium CFT Handlebar has the correct outer diameter to fit the Surron Ultra Bee controls, making for a direct bolt on replacement handlebar for the Surron Ultra Bee.

If you're looking for a more forgiving version of this handlebar with slightly more flex, click here for the Odi Podium Flight Handlebar for Surron Ultra Bee.

Odi Podium Flight Handlebars Sizing Chart

Bend Width Height Pull Back
Champ Bend 31.69" 3.66" 2.17"
Country Boy Bend 31.61" 3.62" 2.24"
CR High Bend 31.30" 3.74" 2.44"
FMX Bend 31.50" 4.76" 2.17"
Honda/Kawasaki OE Bend 31.57" 3.90" 2.13"
KTM 16-19 Bend 31.69" 3.43" 2.09"
KTM Bend 31.69" 3.74" 1.65"
McGrath Bend 31.69" 3.27" 2.17"
RC High Bend 31.69" 4.72" 2.13"
RC4 Signature Bend 31.69" 3.07" 2.13"
Schoolboy Bend 30.67" 3.46" 1.97"
Shorty Bend 31.57" 3.15" 2.36"
Super Mini Bend 30.31" 4.65" 1.65"
YZ Bend 31.57" 3.54" 2.05"


The CFT Podium MX Handlebars are a top-of-the-line technology coming from ODI. Featuring the Patent Pending CFT crossbar system, the Podium bar is constructed of 2014-T6 alloy to provide added strength. Having been vigorously tested by top supercross and motocross racers, the CFT crossbar design focuses more on riders looking for the perfect balance between strength and comfort.

  • CFT or "Controlled Flex Technology" is all about the crossbar. With an elastomer and bolt inside the crossbar, the CFT technology works to dampen forces to the body and reduce rider fatigue, in turn letting you ride harder and longer. The Podium CFT Crossbar uses patent-pending technology to allow the handlebar to naturally flex at a controlled rate, resulting in reduced vibrations and more rider comfort.
  • 1 1/8" clamp diameter (fits the stock Surron Ultra Bee bar mounts).
  • Stealth black graphics.
  • Knurled left slide helps with grip bar adhesion.
  • Constructed of 2014-T6 alloy for added strength.
  • Includes crossbar pad.
  • Multiple bend options.

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