GritShift Stealth Headlight Kill Switch

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GritShift Stealth Headlight Kill Switch

You don't need your headlights on all the time. Not only does it waste battery, but it also eliminates your stealth abilities.

With the Stealth Kill Switch by GritShift, you can control your headlights and achieve optimum stealth with the flick of a switch. Even better, you can do that all without removing your hand from your handlebar.

This custom-designed kill switch was made specifically for the Sur-Ron, Segway, and Talaria models so you can avoid making any modifications to your bike when you install it.

Speaking of installation... it doesn't get any easier than plug and play. Mounting is easy with 2 screws - you can have this switch installed to your Sur Ron or Segway in under 10 minutes. Simply remove the 2 screws holding the ignition switch and accessory charger in place, find your factory headlight plug (which is directly below) and unplug the connection. Finally, plug in your new Stealth Switch, and voila you're ready to go!



  • Plug And Play Headlight Kill Switch
  • Waterproof Design
  • Heavy-Duty Metal Housing
  • Improved Stealth For Night Riding
  • Conserves Battery
  • Quick Install 5 Minutes or Less


Note: This Part is typically compatible with Sur Ron, Segway, and Talaria Models. Please verify with your bike, as each bike has been offered with different parts in regards to forks, controllers, batteries, and options from various sellers.

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