Tusk 420 Gold Chain

Chain Length: 110 Links
Sale price$33.99


The Tusk 420 Gold Plated Race Chain is a great option for any smaller displacement motocross and off-road motorcycle. This high quality chain is built for performance and durability. This is the most durable non O-ring race chain. It features gold plating on the outer plates, light-weight design and has an average tensile strength of 4,950 lbs. A clip style master link is included.
  • High quality, light-weight 420 race chain.
  • Features gold plating on the plates.
  • Average tensile strength 4,950 lbs.


This chain comes in 2 sizes. If using a sprocket smaller than 54 tooth, you should purchase the 110 link length. If using a sprocket larger than 54 tooth, you should purchase a 120 link length.

Sprocket Size (Teeth) Chain Size
42 Tooth 104   link
48 Tooth (oem size) 106   link
52 Tooth 108   link
54 Tooth 110   link
56 Tooth 112   link
58 Tooth 112   link
60 Tooth 114   link
64 Tooth 116   link

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