Tusk Severe Duty 3mm Tube

Location: Front
Size: 80/100x21
Sale price$15.88


Tusk Severe Duty 3mm Tube

Please see sizing options below for your correct application!

Size 100/100x18 tube will fit 100/100x18 and 90/100x18 rear tires.

Size 110-120/100x18 tube will fit 110/100x18 rear tires.

Size 100/90x19 tube will fit 100/90x19 rear tires.

Size 80/100x21 tube will fit 80x100x21 front tires.


    The Tusk Severe Duty 3mm Motorcycle Tube is the perfect replacement for your pinched or punctured tube. These tubes are 3mm thick for excellent puncture resistance. Made from high quality butyl rubber, the Severe Duty Tube is made to withstand some of the roughest terrain.
  • Tusk Severe Duty 3mm Motorcycle Inner Tube.
  • Made from high quality rubber for a long lasting life.
  • TR-4 valve stem.
  • 3mm thickness for optimal performance and puncture resistance.

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