Tusk Spoke Torque Wrench Kit

Sale price$89.99


  • Easy to use spoke wrench that allows you to torque your spokes accurately and quickly.
  • Removes the guess work out of wheel building, truing and general spoke maintenance.
  • Adjustable from 30 to 150 inch-pounds (Equivalent to: 2.5 foot-pounds to 12.5 foot-pounds; or 3.4 Newton-meters to 16.9 Newton-meters)
  • Calibrated to +/– 2% accuracy.
  • Includes 5 drop forged heads to fit the most popular spoke nipples.
  • Wrench kit comes with torque wrench, case, and heads (6.1mm, 6.3mm, 6.6mm, 6.8mm, 6.9mm)

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