Vonkat TENfive Shock

Spring Rate: 450lbs
Sale price$599.95


The Vonkat TENfive shock is made specifically for Sur-Ron, Segway, and Talaria lightweight electric motorcycles. Internally, the speed-sensitive valving is designed to account for not only the leverage ratio and weight of these bikes, but also the way electric bikes deliver power to the ground.

While it's hard to describe how a shock feels, we'll give it a shot. The TENfive has a positive, aggressive, and predicable feel. If you've ever charged towards a corner preceded by braking bumps, then grabbed the binders only to have your back end play hopscotch, you already know the stock shock isn't up to the task. The TENfive will track through turns and rock gardens like you're on rails, and land jumps with a predictability that keeps you in the flow. You'll find yourself able to hit sections faster, with more control and confidence.

  • Body is made from cold-forged 6061, T6 heat-treated aluminum.

  • Japanese made NOK brand seals and top-of-the-line Fuchs "World Design" fluid.

  • Teflon coated eyelet bearings allow linkages to work with zero binding, increasing small bump compliance

  • Moto-style preload and lock rings

  • Choose either a 450 X 3.69 or 525 X 3.66 lightweight steel spring.

  • All mounting bushings included

  • Preload wrench included

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