Warp 9 Front Brake Rotor

Size: 203mm x 1.8mm Fixed
Sale price$52.00


Warp 9 Front Brake Rotor Upgrade for Surron Lightbee X (LBX) and Talaria Sting MX3 & MX4.
Front Rotor Information:
203mm x 1.8mm size: Talaria Sting are 203mm diameter Rotors from the factory.
  • Talaria Sting are 203mm front and rear rotor sizes from the factory ( the R MX4 is 220mm ) .
  • The 203mm Rotor does not need a caliper bracket and is a one piece 1.8mm thick rotor same as factory thickness.

220mm x 1.8mm Size: this is an upgraded oversized rotor that provides additional braking force. A perfect upgrade if you’re a hard rider and pushing the limits of your current 203mm rotors.

220mm x 2.3mm Floating Size: this is a beast of a rotor and a serious upgrade that provides the best braking possible. A perfect upgrade if your running bigger / heavier wheels and insane power output

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