EBMX SurRon Ultra Bee Battery Upgrade [81.4v 73Ah High Power Battery]

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EBMX 81.4v 73Ah High Power Battery for Surron Ultra Bee

If you're looking for the best way to upgrade the power and maximize range on your Surron Ultra Bee, this high power battery bundle kit from EBMX is the best way to maximize your Ultra Bee.

This upgraded battery from EBMX has proved to give us some of the best battery range that we've ever tested on an electric dirt bike. Specifically, on the Surron Ultra Bee, riding with 15kW of power, we are seeing range mileage in the low 40's. If you're trail riding conservatively, we expect range numbers to increase to the high 40's and potentially 50 mile range.

Best Surron Ultra Bee Battery Range

In this Stage 3 Surron Ultra Bee Build, we added the massive EBMX 81.4v 73Ah battery, totaling 5.9kWh of capacity. This Ultra Bee is showing some of the best battery range we’ve ever tested on any electric dirt bike. If you want the best battery range on your Surron Ultra Bee, this may be the upgrade for you.

The 81.4v 73ah Battery fits the Ultra Bee with a custom lid and gives you the opportunity to run much more power than stock with an EBMX X9000 controller and maximize range with the larger capacity battery.

We weighed the stock Ultra Bee battery and it came in at 48 pounds. This 81.4v EBMX battery read 56 pounds on that same scale, so we’re coming in roughly 8 pounds heavier with this oversized battery. For us, this was hardly noticeable when riding the Ultra Bee. Yes it does feel heavier, but it doesn’t change the characteristics of this bike too much.

These batteries come with a two year warranty.

The Bundle Includes:


Please be aware, that while using this solution is effective there is a very low possibility (depending on the RCD’s or RCBO’s in your house, and the wiring you have), this charger could possibly trip your fuse breakers (as it is drawing slightly more than 10a).

If you specifically do not want the 15amp plug then please in notes let us know and we will custom fit a 10amp plug. This will mean you cannot have the fast charger and your battery will take around 7 hours from zero to 100%.

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