KKE Fork Service for Surron Ultra Bee

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KKE Fork Service with ECR Factory Tune for SurRon Ultra Bee

This is a fork service for the KKE fork on the Surron Ultra Bee. You will need to send your fork tubes in for this service to be completed. Turn around time is approximately 10-12 business days upon arrival. We will provide shipping instructions when the order is placed.

If you would like to purchase a complete tuned fork, we have the ECR Complete Factory Tuned Fork for Surron Ultra Bee here.

We have done extensive testing with the Surron Ultra Bee to come up with suspension settings that make the Surron Ultra Bee fork perform much better than stock!

This KKE Ultra Bee Fork Service Includes:

  • Custom valving based on rider specifications
  • Upgraded HD Linear Springs - Improvement over the stock KKE fork springs
  • Upgraded High Quality Fork Oil
  • Upgraded Seals and Bushings


Rider Weight: Please indicate rider weight without gear.

Type of Riding: Please indicate the terrain you ride your Ultra Bee (MX, Singletrack, Desert, etc.)

Skill Level: Please indicate rider skill level/race class (Beginner, Novice, Expert, Pro)


*This KKE fork service does not include a fork, you will need to send us your fork, we will service your fork and send it back when it has been updated.

*If you would like a complete ECR Tuned Ultra Bee fork, please see this option here

If You Have Any Questions, Please Feel Free To Contact Us.
Email: support@electriccyclerider.com

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