Pirelli Scorpion XC Mid To Hard Terrain (DOT Compliant - Street Legal)

Size: Front - 80/100-21
Sale price$122.88


Looking for an aggressive DOT Compliant Street Legal front tire for your Surron Ultra Bee? 

This Pirelli Scorpion XC Mid To Hard Terrain tire fits the Surron Ultra Bee with an upgraded 21" wheel.

Please note these tires are dirt (off road) biased with DOT compliance. (ECR Parts only sells the front tire because the Pirelli Scorpion XC rear tire is not DOT compliant.)


  • The tread pattern is designed for maximum traction, even during changing terrain conditions, to provide maximum speed and control.
  • Wide spacing between central knobs provide maximum traction on intermediate terrain.
  • Different dimples provide adaptability to terrain for improved grip during braking and cornering.
  • Sharp edged knobs provide grip on hard terrain and maximum traction on intermediate terrain.
  • Updated carcass and tread for increased traction and side bite even at big lean angles.
  • Tread patter is optimized to increase the number of knobs on the contact area and the quantity of working edges for maximum grip and traction.

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